Our Story

Thank you for your interest in VENI.VIDI.VICI.MIAMI®. We are glad you are here! The narrative below will give you a short inside of our business and our products. We would love to hear from you, feel free to send us feedback at touch@vvv.fashion



After great success in the architecture and interior design scene in Spain and our homeland Germany, we were eager to start another exciting chapter in our lives. In 2017 we emigrated to America and settles with our two sons in Miami, Florida. The same year, we founded VENI.VIDI.VICI.MIAMI®, our company that wants to set new standards for high-quality products in the fashion and accessories industry. Our mission: Every product, a unique masterpiece in its class!
In our Miami studio we work diligently to expand our collection and to connect customers with the fun and sophisticated lifestyle of VENI.VIDI.VICI.MIAMI® fashion. The union of design, functionality and highest quality - with a special penchant for perfection - is our lifelong passion and reflects in all of our projects. The fruitful outcome - developed with our team of designers and manufacturers - is now available for purchase. Every piece is part of a handcrafted limited edition and also customizable to suit our buyers individual needs.
Trying to fit all of her belonging into her bags while keeping them save and organized, Silvia grew bored with spending much time switching from one bag to another throughout the day depending on the task. We decided the best way to fix this undesirable predicament was to come up with a bag of our own – one that fits women's needs for the whole day and that lets them go from work to after hours while staying organized and fashionable. After two years of development, our 3V bag was finished. We are now offering this handmade, limited edition masterpiece in four fresh color-combinations that will enhance any wardrobe.
A sheer overload of the scull image on everything imaginable - from clothes to coffee cups - made us nauseous and thinking, how could we spice up fashion with a much needed fresh and fun design that is head-turning and provocative but also easily reproducible on many platforms. Our graphic design team went to work and after many months of sketching and brainstorming, the HeeBad® was developed. Our illustration now adores the first roll out of our handcrafted, limited edition men’s wear clothing line in a variety of prints and patterns.
Feel free to send us feedback at touch@vvv.fashion, connect with us on social media and visit our site again soon for more, new VENI.VIDI.VICI.MIAMI® fashion.