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Silvia & Patrik are in love with design, functionality and highest quality products but struggled to find this combination in the fashion industry especially for men’s fashion.

The idea was born and we set out the target to solve the issue and started VENI.VIDI.VICI.MIAMI® in 2017 with the mission:  Every product, a unique masterpiece in its class!

Our graphic design team went to work and after many months of sketching and brainstorming, the first products roll out of our handcrafted, limited edition men’s wear clothing line in a variety of prints and patterns.

Since then, we work diligently to expand our collection and to connect customers with the fun and sophisticated lifestyle of VENI.VIDI.VICI.MIAMI® fashion.

Special penchant for perfection

The union of design, functionality and highest quality - with a special penchant for perfection - is our lifelong passion and reflects in all of our products. We believe in HANDMADE EXCLUSIVES VERSUS MASS-PRODUCTION in combination with a fresh and fun design that is head-turning and provocative.

Zoom Woman's Dress V-Neck "SPLIT PINK" Black
Zoom Woman's Dress V-Neck "SPLIT PINK" Black
Zoom Woman's Dress V-Neck "SPLIT PINK" Black
Zoom Woman's Dress V-Neck "SPLIT PINK" Black
Zoom Woman's Dress V-Neck "SPLIT PINK" Black
Zoom Woman's Dress V-Neck "SPLIT PINK" Black
Zoom Woman's Dress V-Neck "SPLIT PINK" Black
Zoom Woman's Dress V-Neck "SPLIT PINK" Black
Zoom Woman's Dress V-Neck "SPLIT PINK" Black

Woman's Dress V-Neck "SPLIT PINK" Black

$ 495.00 USD
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A distinctive mix of delicate applications lends this unique low v-neck dress a sporty, elegant and - at the same time - sophisticated appeal. Crafted from ultra-soft stretch cotton jersey for all-day comfort and ease, this crystals-embellished, dress is a true stand-out and a sure head-turner.

  • Ultra-soft stretch Cotton Jersey
  • Exclusive HeeBad® Graphic on Front
  • Front with Vinyl and Crystals
  • Vinyl HeeBad® Logo on Left Sleeve
  • Vinyl HeeBad® on Right Sleeve
  • Vinyl/3D Logo on Back
  • Low Shoulder Seams
  • Double Trim Collar and Sleeves
  • Fabric Logo Label on Collar
  • Fabric Logo Label on Hem
  • Silk Logo Label on Inside Back
  • Seam Cover with Logo Type on Inside Back
  • Exclusive and Registered HeeBad® Graphic

    Top quality custom-made dresses that showcase VENI.VIDI.VICI.MIAMI's exclusive designs. Every piece is individually crafted by VENI.VIDI.VICI. in Miami, using a broad variety of materials and insane attention to detail.



    We are proud to offer full design customization to embellish any of our exclusive VENI.VIDI.VICI.MIAMI. dress! Simply contact us at touch@vvv.fashion and together we will explore ways to make your dream dress a reality. Nothing is impossible!

    Choose an already embellished dress from our store for further customization by us, or start all new. We have many unique dress styles available that range in size from extra small to large. Our broad variety of exclusive designs - many of which you can see throughout our site - stand to your disposal. If you wish to add your own graphics or have our in-house design team come up with a striking, special creation - nothing easier than that! Contact us at touch@vvv.fashion and we will come to your rescue.

    Application materials include crystals, porcelain, carbon-fiber, vinyl and many more. Your one-of-a-kind creation will be handmade by us here in our Miami studio. So, let us WOW you! Total customer satisfaction is our wish and we promise that you will not be disappointed.

    Happiness Guaranteed

    Our No.1 priority here at VENI.VIDI.VICI.MIAMI® is that you are happy! This means that we stand by our products 100%, no matter what, no questions asked, no ands, no ifs, and no buts. If you have a problem, we’re here for you. Just reach out to our Customer Service Team.

    HeeBad Men's T-Shirt V-Neck "SPLIT TROPHY" Black

    At first i had my doubts about ordering a shirt in this price-range online, but now i’m more than happy that i did. The fabric is soft and light and all the applications are just outstanding. I never owned a creative piece like this before and i get a lot of comments on it. If you want something special, this is what you have to go for!

    Peter Pichler, Miami

    The items from this company are very special and unique. Quality is great and a lot of attention to detail. Have been a Philipp Plein customer for years but the quality of vvv clothing is much higher.

    James Richard, Cleveland

    You notice immediately when you receive the package that this is not a average shirt what you ordered! You open this black luxury magnet box and you see the first time what it means to own a handcrafted VVV shirt. I love this t-shirt and i love the brand those shirt's are dope!!!

    Jorge Rabin, New York

    I absolutely love VVV shirts and there underwear. I have come to realise that if you want quality goods and outstanding design, that you need to buy from a leading brand. VENIVIDIVICIMIAMI are that brand for me, highly recommended.

    Mark Labare, Los Angeles